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Mark Robinson Gets in Trouble for Demeaning Women and Defending Sexual Predators

Mark Robinson Gets in Trouble for Demeaning Women and Defending Sexual Predators

For Immediate Release: February 8, 2024

Contact: Alex Baltzegar, [email protected]

Salisbury, NC — Conservative Republican Bill Graham has launched a new ad campaign in all television markets to expose Mark Robinson’s record of demeaning women and defending sexual predators. 

“I’m getting ready to get in trouble,” Mark Robinson says. “Called to be led by MEN,” he declares. 

“Mark Robinson suggested to a church congregation recently that God calls men, not women, to leadership positions,” the reporter says in the ad.

The ad also references Mark Robinson’s defense of serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. Robinson said Weinstein was a victim of a plot to “create a climate of fear” over “so-called sexual crimes.” 

The ad also alludes to numerous demeaning comments Mark Robinson has made towards women including Ashley Judd, Beyonce, Halle Berry, and Mariah Carey. 

Mark Robinson called actress Ashley Judd, one of Weinstein’s victims, a prostitute, and implied that what Weinstein did was “not rape.”

Mark Robinson judged Halle Berry and Mariah Carey for their outfits, saying they were “dressing in see thru, ultra tight, breast bearing whore dresses to protest sexual harassment.”

Mark Robinson said that Beyonce “teaches our young women how to be hyper-sexual whores.”

Bill Graham has been married to his wife, Shari for 37 years. They have three children. Bill Graham has always treated women with dignity and respect.

Bill Graham is a businessman, former prosecutor, and attorney who is running to win a conservative future for North Carolina.