Bill Graham

For Governor

Winning a Conservative Future for North Carolina

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Bill Graham

North Carolina’s Proven Conservative Champion

Born into a working-class family, Bill Graham has been an unwavering conservative from the very beginning.

Bill was raised by his two grandparents in Rowan County where he quickly learned that if you want something you’ve got to earn it. Bill had a paper route as a boy and later worked in the local mill to put himself through college. His grandparents instilled in him the work ethic that would define his career.

Bill has been married to his wife, Shari, for 37 years, whom he met while they both attended Catawba College. Bill and Shari are members of Saint John’s Lutheran Church of Salisbury. They have three grown children, Perry, Caroline, and Trevor.

Bill graduated from Dunn High School in 1979 and Catawba College in 1983.

Bill Graham is devoted to our families, committed to our Republican values, and determined to win a conservative future for North Carolina.

Bill is a strong supporter and former board member of The Jesse Helms Center, where he served as Secretary of the Board of Directors. Bill also served on the U.S. Agriculture Committee for Senator Helms.

Bill Graham has a record of fighting for a conservative agenda and defending our freedoms. As a practicing attorney, business entrepreneur, and former prosecutor, Bill is deeply rooted in our community and our Republican Party.

Outside of his law practice, Bill is a successful businessman who is deeply committed to North Carolina’s economic growth. Bill has a remarkable track record as the sole venture capitalist in multiple businesses at the forefront of transitioning our economy into the future. He has been a key player in the development of for-profit research companies, located right here at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, which aim to improve quality of life and healthcare services. In addition to his business endeavors, Bill has established himself as a pivotal member of our community. He has served on the North Carolina Rules Review Commission, is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, and formerly served as Secretary of the Cabarrus County Board of Elections.

It’s time to put Republicans back on the winning path to secure a conservative future. North Carolina Republicans will be 4 and 28 next November — 4 years of a GOP Governor to 28 years of Democratic Governors over the past 32 years. Bill Graham plans to change that.

We need a Republican Governor with the experience of a criminal prosecutor, a business leader, and someone who has fought for the rights of our citizens as our next Governor of North Carolina. Bill is the one candidate who has invested the most in our Party and the one candidate who has the experience we need to achieve that conservative future.

As a private attorney, Bill Graham successfully led efforts to sue a Chinese-owned company, filing the lawsuit on behalf of North Carolina farmers and homeowners after the company dumped toxic material on their land.

As Governor, Bill will change our state laws to make it illegal for the Chinese government, Chinese companies, or Chinese citizens to buy land in North Carolina.

When our men and women in uniform were fighting for their health and their future, Bill Graham stood up for America’s Marines and their families who suffered from cancer because their government did nothing.

Bill Graham sued the federal government on behalf of United States Marines and their families who got cancer because the Department of Defense did nothing to fix Camp Lejeune’s contaminated water system.

Bill Graham’S Plan

For Winning a Conservative Future for North Carolina

While others talk a big game, Bill Graham has a proven record of results and a straightforward plan for our state. As Governor, he’ll show up every day to fight for North Carolina’s families and small businesses.

Providing Immediate Tax Relief and Restoring the American Dream

Liberals in Raleigh have let taxes spiral out of control for far too long. Bill Graham is committed to providing economic relief to working families and retirees who are having their budgets hammered by Bidenomics.
  1. Repeal the local food tax. This tax generates just over $400 million a year, and counties can be made whole out of the state’s general sales tax revenues.
  2. Eliminate the state income tax on any overtime pay.
  3. No state income tax on retirees who are drawing social security benefits if they choose to stay in the workforce. We should help those who have already helped us build our state and our country by easing the tax burden during retirement years.
  4. Provide North Carolina residents who are first-time homebuyers with a $5,000 tax credit over the course of two years.



Fighting Crime, Protecting Our Families

As a former prosecutor, Bill Graham has firsthand experience fighting for families and putting criminals behind bars. As Governor, Bill Graham will attack the source of the problem by giving local law enforcement the tools they need to get violent offenders off our streets and into jail where they belong.
  1. Death penalty for fentanyl dealers and human traffickers.
  2. Increase mandatory prison terms for violent offenders.
  3. Establish a statewide crime task force to assist local law enforcement in combating gangs and illegal drug activity so we can put an end to the violent acts these gangs carry out on innocent bystanders.



Improving Education, Empowering Parents and Students

As Governor, Bill Graham will show up for parents every day and champion efforts to engage and empower parents, ensure school funding follows the student, invest in teachers, and equip our students to compete at every level.
  1. Establish a Parents Board of Education in each school district, which would have parents review and approve lesson plans, and would make all lesson plans available online. School administrators would be required to attend all PTA meetings.
  2. Invest in the educators who teach our children and ensure a highly qualified teacher is in every classroom across North Carolina.
  3. Bring North Carolina’s top industry leaders together with our public university management team to improve the coursework industries need to be taught in our universities to ensure college graduates are prepared to meet the needs of today’s workforce.
  4. Protect our students from partisan and politicized curriculum pushed by special interest groups.
  5. Emphasize education that teaches our children how to think, not what to think.



Create a North Carolina Family Values Commission

The spirit of leadership demonstrated by President Ronald Reagan and US Senator Jesse Helms is something that should be celebrated – not forgotten. To ensure these values live on in the great state of North Carolina, Bill will develop a family values commission.
  1. The commission will highlight the work of local champions, state leaders, and programs that are enriching their communities and the lives of their neighbors through efforts that embody the founding principles of our country.