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Bill Graham calls on UNC Board of Governors to investigate recent antisemitic, UNC-sponsored event

Bill Graham calls on UNC Board of Governors to investigate recent antisemitic, UNC-sponsored event

For Immediate Release: December 12, 2023

Contact: Alex Baltzegar, [email protected]

SALISBURY, NC — Bill Graham, Republican contender for Governor, is calling for an investigation by the UNC Board of Governors into the recent antisemitic events at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). The incident, which took place during the event “No Peace Without Justice: A Round-Table Talk about Social Justice in Palestine,” featured remarks by Dr. Rania Masri, who referred to Oct. 7 as a “beautiful day” and expressed admiration for violence against Israelis.

During the event. Masri spoke in admiration of the Hamas terrorists. During the UNC event, Masri said, “That is what Oct. 7 means to many of us. And I just want to be very frank about it and not be in the least bit apologetic of the violence of the oppressed or the occupied.” She later described Zionism as a “cancer.”

Bill Graham strongly denounced such language and called for an immediate investigation into the event by the Board of Governors, questioning the university’s commitment to providing a safe environment for Jewish students.

“UNC-Chapel Hill must take swift and decisive action to address the repugnant antisemitic behavior that occurred during this event,” Bill Graham said. “It is unacceptable that this event was sponsored by the University and that UNC professors affirmed the antisemitic comments and went so far as to organize the event.”

“I guarantee that the citizens of North Carolina do not support their tax dollars being used to support such horrific rhetoric against Jews,” Graham said. “This is starting to become a pattern at one of our state’s most prestigious universities, and it must be addressed.”

“I stand firmly against antisemitism in all its forms, and I call on the UNC Board of Governors to thoroughly investigate this incident and take appropriate action to ensure the safety and well-being of students at UNC,” Graham said. “Parents should always have confidence that universities are fostering appropriate campus environments for Jewish students, especially in times like these.”

The news of the antisemitic, UNC-sponsored event surfaces amid national controversy over Harvard President Claudine Gay’s lack of support for Jewish students in her testimony before Congress as well as the ousting of the University of Pennsylvania’s president over her refusal to address anti-semitism. Since the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks, there have been concerns across the country over anti-semitism on college campuses. This week, Greensboro Police found a swastika on a Holocaust memorial.

The UNC story was reported by The Algemeiner, “a global news destination published online and in print, serves as an independent media voice covering the Middle East, Israel and matters of Jewish interest around the world.”