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Bill Graham Leads Charge to ‘Stop China’ in New Ad Campaign

Bill Graham Leads Charge to ‘Stop China’ in New Ad Campaign

For Immediate Release: November 13, 2023

Media Contact: Alex Baltzegar, [email protected]

Salisbury, NC — Republican candidate for Governor Bill Graham has launched a powerful new campaign ad that sheds light on the detrimental effects of China’s influence on North Carolina’s industries and workforce.

The 30-second spot, which made its debut on cable and broadcast television on Friday, November 10th, begins with a poignant scene from the now-closed Canton Mills, where Graham once worked in the weave room. He emphasizes that this once-thriving facility no longer exists because “China shut it down,” leading to layoffs of thousands of hardworking North Carolina citizens.

“China’s infiltration of North Carolina has gone on for too long,” Graham declares in the ad, standing against the backdrop of a river running red with an overlay of the Chinese Communist Party flag. Graham, drawing on his experience as an attorney, highlights a significant achievement in halting a Chinese company from dumping toxins onto North Carolina farmland.

“I’ll make sure China can’t buy property in our state,” Graham says, vowing to protect the interests of North Carolinians. The ad concludes with a resounding call to action, as Graham declares, “Let’s tell China that North Carolina isn’t for sale.”

The “Graham Plan” emphasizes a proactive approach to safeguarding the state’s economic well-being and national security interests and contrasts sharply with Josh Stein, who has no plan to address Chinese influence in North Carolina. Less than two months ago, Stein refused to respond to media inquiries when asked about a recent discovery that the Chinese Communist Party has an “intelligence service center” operating in Charlotte.